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VTLAN3, Hat Test RJ45, RJ12, RJ11, RJ10, BNC, Velleman

Hat Test RJ45, RJ12, RJ11, RJ10, BNC

Ürün Kodu : VTLAN3
Stok : 5 Adet
Teslim Süresi : 3 Gün
Liste Fiyatı 119.00 KDV Dahil 140,42

1 9V battery

This LAN tester for different cable types is indispensable in network installation and maintenance activities. This compact device can be used for testing network and telephone cables (RJ45 (8P8C), RJ12 (6P6C), RJ11 (6P2C), RJ10 (4P4C) & BNC). It can test most types of telephone and computer cables.


  • LED indication
  • advanced design for easy testing
  • BNC adapter for testing BNC cables
  • ability to test cables from a distance and in places that are not easily accessible
  • automatically runs all tests and checks for continuity, open, shorted and crossed wire pairs


  • tests: RJ45 (8P8C), RJ12 (6P6C), RJ11 (6P2C), RJ10 (4P4C) USOC & BNC, 10 Base-T, Token Ring & coaxial BNC cables
  • power supply: 9V-battery (not incl.)
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