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VM8202, 3D Printer Aydınlatma Çemberi, Velleman

3D Printer Aydınlatma Çemberi

Ürün Kodu : VM8202
Stok : 1 Adet
Teslim Süresi : 1-3 Gün
Liste Fiyatı 98.00 KDV Dahil 115,64
  • 9 wide-angle ultrabright white LEDs provide all the light you need around the extruder nozzle
  • takes away annoying shadows
  • all necessary installation hardware included
  • complete with cable and plug that connects to the driver board
  • no soldering required
  • easy installation
  • perfect for accurate nozzle height adjustment or late night printing
  • power supply: 15 VDC (from driver board)
  • power consumption: approx. 65 mA
  • ring diameter: 80 mm / 3.15"
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